DSLR Tips for Beginner Photographer – 5 Tips to Become Pro

5 DSLR Tips for Beginner Photographer which you should do if you are a new photographer and they are all very important.

we are going to talk about some 5 TIPS which, if you are a new photographer can help you a lot so let’s start.

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Top 5 DSLR Camera Tips For Beginners

Change your Camera Mode from Auto to Manual

So the first DSLR Tips for Beginner Photographer is one of the best tips, from the entire list which I can give you. which is to change your camera mode from Auto to Manual.

Now I know In the beginning every person who starts to click pictures starts with the Auto mode because you might not have knowledge about the manual mode and I was also one of them, actually but as soon as you switch from auto to manual it will be beneficiary for you.

Because you can’t get full flexibility in Auto mode and by flexibility I mean, that you can’t set any function in it according to you like ISO, SHUTTER SPEED, etc. and in manual mode, you can do this.

Now what actually happens in Auto mode is that camera tells you how to shoot but in manual mode, you instruct the camera, and unless you tell the camera, how to shoot? you can not learn how to operate a camera.

The sooner you switch from auto to manual, the better it is going to be, and this is the most important tip I can give you. so switch your camera to manual mode.

Now it mainly depends on your practice and how quickly you will learn about all this stuff ISO, Shutter speed, aperture, etc but if you switch it will be better, and the sooner you switch, the sooner you will learn.

Change your Image Format from JPEG to RAW

The next DSLR Tips for Beginner Photographer is that you need to change your image format from JPEG to RAW.

Most of the people who start photography or start to click pictures know about only one format at the beginning Which is JPEG or JPG which is a similar thing.

But there is one more format called RAW and a majority of people don’t know about it. so how are they going to shoot in RAW?

why should you convert from JPEG to RAW? before knowing that, you should know a little difference between JPEG and RAW. so that you get an idea that what are they actually?

So, in easy words when you capture your image in JPG format the Camera “PLAYS” with it a little Now by playing I mean It compresses the file and the colors are not also captured fully. Now it is not like, your image will be so bad No. The image is quite OKAY there is nothing much to worry about.

But on the other hand, if I talk about RAW the camera does not play with your file or image. It does not compress the Image and captures more colors So, so this is the main difference.

Now let’s talk, why should you convert from JPG to RAW? and What is the benefit?

So, when you click pictures in JPG? your file is compressed, many colors are not captured, but all the colors are captured in RAW. so this helps you in the Post-Production.

when you edit the JPG image you can not tweak it that much, you can’t play with it much later in the post-production. The camera has already played with it.

But, if we talk about RAW You can play with it because the camera has not made any edits or compressions with it.

So, you can say that you can make your RAW image more GOOD-LOOKING in editing software, any editing software. so this is the main reason to change your Camera’s Image Format from JPG to RAW.

if you shoot with your phone, you can shoot in Manual mode with a phone too because there are plenty of applications, which give you full potential to click images in manual mode, by adjusting ISO, and all.

If we talk about converting an image from JPG to RAW. you can easily do that too because there is an application called LIGHTROOM in which you can use the camera option and select to shoot in DNG format DNG is kind of a RAW format, itself, in a way. so you can use that too. thought to share that with you.

Buy More Storage

Now let’s talk about tip no. 3 which is to BUY MORE STORAGE.

So, now that you have started photography start paying attention to storage too because now that you click pictures your DATA will increase, and if the data will increase, you need more storage because you need to store that DATA somewhere in the end.

and if you are clicking pictures in RAW your file size will be very large because RAW files are usually quite large. So you need more storage to store them.

Now there are two main things. the first one is to take the backup of your whole data which is really important.

If you have a Hard-Disk or have enough space in a Laptop or PC, well and good but right now I am talking about an SD card to purchase an extra SD Card.

Now, I know it might not sound like an important tip but, Imagine you are out somewhere shooting and then you are clicking photos continuously but all of a sudden you get a notification from your Camera Sorry, you can’t take more photos because the SD Card is Full.

So It really hurts and it causes a lot of problems So, it is really important to buy More Storage if you are serious about Photography.

So, keep this in mind and if you can invest in a Good SD Card, that will be great.

Install an Editing Software

The next DSLR Tips for Beginner Photographer is to install editing software. Now if you follow any photographer on INSTAGRAM so you might have noticed, how beautiful their pictures look. and you want to double-tap them as soon as you see them

But they also can’t get such beautiful images, straight out of the camera. So, they edit their images which is quite obvious because they most probably shoot in RAW.

You get a FLAT profile when you shoot in RAW Which you can play further in POST and make the image more GOOD-LOOKING.

Trust me if you edit an image it really makes it great in terms of looks because you can adjust almost everything in it be it exposure saturation and there are a lot of other things in good editing software which you can use to make your image more beautiful.

If you use your phone for editing so you can use lightroom It is completely free on the Phone. and if I talk about Laptop or PC so on a laptop I use Lightroom but it is paid and there are also available some free software like shotcut. so yes this is the thing, I have told you why editing software is important and you should install it.


In the next DSLR Tips for Beginner Photographer, the final tip is to PRACTICE. I know this term “PRACTICE” you must have heard all over the place.

It is so important because this is the one thing which will help you improve not only in PHOTOGRAPHY but in every other thing. so it is important to practice.

Now I know, in this situation it is a bit difficult to step out of the house because of all these current situations and you definitely shouldn’t step out of your house.

But this is what makes PHOTOGRAPHY different from other things because you can practice photography at home too.

and I just want to tell you this thing the more you practice with these limitations the more your creativity is going to grow.

Because, when you try to achieve more from fewer things your creativity boost itself, and then you see new things that, yes, okay I can do this too I can do that too.

so this is the one good thing that you need to practice this is a really important tip to take care of that.


So yes these are 5 DSLR Tips for Beginner Photographer or some 5 things to do as a news photographer and I hope you will get some help from these tips.

but before ending the blog, I would like to tell you one more thing It does not matter Whether you use all the tips and tricks you like, but if there is not that “ONE” thing in your picture, which should be there then there is no use. and that one thing is STORY.

If your image does not have a story then there is no use and now let me tell you, why I have said “Good-looking” at that time now editing software can make your image good looking but they cannot put depth in the image.

So you can say that editing software can make your image look good but not make them good you are the one who makes it good.

So this is the reason that the story is the most important thing whether it is a video or a photo so keep this in mind now in starting, you might face some problems in finding a story. the more you will observe the more you will learn and that is the thing, if you do practice you will learn the things eventually.


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