5 Food Photography Tips For Beginners

Here are some really working Food Photography Tips For Beginners. I will give you guys some good tips on how to take great food photos with your iPhones or your smartphones, DSLR, or any sort of camera. And these are easy tips that anybody can do.

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Learn Food Photography

Here are four food photography tips for beginners that can help you capture Eye-Catching Food Images with your camera.

Food Photography Tips

Use Natural Lights

So number one is using natural light when possible, so try to avoid taking food photos at night or in the evening in artificial light.

So the best way to take food photos is using natural light coming from your windows or your
sliding glass doors. If you have a well-lit area in your home. This is the best place to take food photos.

Diffuse Your Light

Number two, you want to either diffuse that light or use indirect natural light. So sometimes the light coming in can be pretty strong in your kitchen. It can leave some pretty harsh shadows on your food.

So either you can diffuse that light by putting up sheer curtains to kind of soften the light coming in. Or you can move your food out of direct light into indirect light in the shade or shadows where it’s not a shadow necessarily. You’re still getting that natural light, but you’re not getting those harsh shadows from direct sunlight on your food.

Shoot From Different Angles

So tip number three is to shoot from different angles. So there are three really good angles for food photography. There is overhead or 180 degrees. Forty-five degrees, looking down at an angle at our food, or 90 degrees looking directly at our food. And so for most people, a 45-degree angle is perfect.

Overhead is great for flat food like pizza and a 90-degree angle is really good or eye-level is really good for tall or stacked food.

So for most people, that 45-degree angle works perfectly or overhead, works perfectly and 90 degrees you probably won’t use very often.

Use Neutral Background

And number four is to select a neutral background, so try to pick a neutral background or neutral plates for your food.

So like our kitchen, our countertops are blue with white speckles all over. And it can be really distracting if I’m taking the food photo with that countertop as the background.

So I could use a wooden cutting board, for example. That works really well as a background.

Also for plates, you want to make sure that you’re using some neutral color plates that are, you know, black, white, or gray, that don’t have a lot of bright colors or distracting patterns that can distract from the food that you’re taking a picture of.

Try it your Way

In the world of photography, the more you take photos the better you become, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, click as many images as you can so that you can learn from them, and finally be able to great shots, which will outrank. So click photos most often and everywhere being creative.


So these are our four food photography tips for beginners. If you guys have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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