25 Things You Don’t Knew about Beth Behrs

Here are 25 things you probably don’t knew about Beth Behrs

Beth Behrs wore cowboys boots during her 2 Broke Girls audition.

She is currently trying to make a plastic free house and recently she also took out all her plastic razors and now she is using Schick Intution Bamboo Razors.

Outside of acting she spends most of her life with horses.

She says that Food waste is minimized in her house and also she makes compost daily which is used for gardening.

Behrs childhood friend is Matt Doyle.

She recently discovered pickle ball and she is really obsessed with it.

Her best audition and biggest heartbreak was for Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady on Broadway and not getting the part.

Beth Behrs graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Theater, Film and Television. She always wanted to make documentaries.

In her childhood during elementary school, she used to pretend to be sick and to stay home and watch I Love Lucy reruns.

She was a total jock growing up. Her soccer team named her “Biggest Beast in the Smallest Package.”

She loves a good fart joke. She Always have & Always will.

Beth Behrs sold her first comedy screenplay to Lionsgate last year.

She also worked as a waitress in real life for a very short time. She later had to quit because she spilled 60-oz beer glasses all over a table of 10.

She suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and a meditation practice she learned called yoga nidra saved her life.

Behrs is happiest and calmest when she's in nature or reading a beautiful book.

Beth Behrs favourtie food is pasta and she really loves it.

Her celebrity crush is Stanley Tucci. She'd give anything to go to a dinner party at his house.

She worked for Joan Rivers in college, and she used to cook her eggs and give her jewelry.

Beth and her sister started an equine therapy program for survivors of sexual assault.

She makes a giant green smoothie every single day. It’s the only way She’ll eat her vegetables.

Her grandma was the first person she learned physical comedy from. She used to take her teeth out for a laugh at fancy restaurants.

Her dream job is one just like The Carol Burnett Show. She keeps a handwritten note from her framed on her desk.

Her favorite quote is “Laughter is carbonated holiness” by Anne Lamott.

Beth and her husband have been keeping bees for over eight years.

She try to write a poem every morning. It feeds her soul.

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