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When you first get into photography and you do a little bit of research it seems that it’s full of rules.

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Learn Photography Rules

the rule of thirds The rule of odds is the 180 degrees rule the shutter focal length rule the layering rule and etc.

anyway, I think calling them rules is wrong and it gives the impression that unless you’re a rule breaker you have to stick to them no matter what, and if you’re the kind of person that really doesn’t like breaking rules they can feel very limiting and very claustrophobic.

if this is the case think of them more like guidelines like the guide of thirds or the 180-degree guide or the guide of odds.

now saying them like that makes them sound really weird but that’s how you need to think of them even. though it’s the rule of thirds just think of it as a guide and even though it’s the rule of odds, again think of it as a guide. it’s a bit like a reminder saying you can take a photo however you want.

now, these guides are things that can help you get a good photo and get a better-looking photo if you’re already getting a good photo.

but this is not always the case you can get a photograph that defies all of the rules and just works for no other reason then it just conveys so much more than just a scene a person or a thing.

it has that emotional connection or there’s just something about it that works and it might just be disregarding all of those rules altogether.

so by all means learn the rules but realize that they are just to help you. they’re guides to help you get better at photography, but not rules that you can’t break.

it’s more of a consider doing this, instead of you must do this kind of thing.

now a lot of these are to do with composition so once you’ve learned how your camera works with the three principal settings you need to use these rules or guides to kind of build on the skills that you’ve got already and really start thinking about what you’re putting in your frame.

I’ll see you next time

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