5 Tips for Becoming a Product Photographer Who Earns

In this article, I would like to tell you about how to build your dream as a product photographer and Earn Money. We also have listed 5 tips that will help you to earn money as a professional product photographer.

There are many photographers. And the truth is, when you consider being a Full-Time Product Photographer, it is a very brave idea. However, it can work out.

Let’s take a look step by step at what you can do to start your carrier as a photographer.

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5 Tips for a Product Photography

Control your camera

Well, let’s just consider you are in the level, you can control your camera at least on the basic level to take a good photo. You should know your camera and also the lens you are using. Because you don’t want to spend some minutes during a photoshoot experimenting and setting the camera.

For product photos, you can use DSLR Cameras or Mirrorless Cameras. And you will of course need lenses.

Well, let’s say that for the beginning you can count on only one universal lens. For example 16 to 35 mm. But if you would like to take photos of small products, for example, jewels, or make really nice details, you should think of macro.

If you would like to focus on real estate photography, you will need a wide-angle lens. And we can’t forget about professional lighting.

Even if you have someplace with big windows that provide nice daylight, I think it is necessary to have also an additional light. Because you know, daylight is changing and you want to work in the evenings.

You don’t want to be dependent on the current weather conditions. Some light with softbox is definitely a good choice for product photography.

Take photos Most Often

When you want to become a product photographer, you should start to take photos of products. It sounds obvious, but sometimes it can be a little bit confusing. For example, some questions might come to your mind.

  • What products should I shoot?
  • what should I focus on?

Basically, you can take photos of any products you have at home, but let’s be effective. I suggest you start with the products you like and with the types of products you want to focus on in your professional path.

If you intend to be a professional cosmetics photographer, start with the quality cosmetics you have at home.

If you want to concentrate on Food Photography, prepare some meals and start taking photos.

If you want to take portrait photos, ask your friend to make a great reference photo.

So always have your goal in mind. But that is not all. Don’t slip to just one type of product or one style.

If you have some free time, take photos of something else. Just for yourself. Take photos of nature, and landscape, or give yourself a different photo challenge.

The point is you don’t want to be stuck only in for example product photography or food photography. You as a photographer want to be versatile as much as possible.

So when you are a product photographer and someone offers you to make a couple of photoshoots be ready to take a chance.

Make portfolio

When you already have some photoshoots behind you, you have to think of a way, how to promote yourself?

There are lots of platforms where you can make your portfolio. You can decide whether you will have a website or just use some social platforms. It depends on your preferences.

When you will use just social platforms, it is basically for free.

I think it is great to use not just one platform, because more platforms, more clients you can reach. This will however take you a lot of time to post constantly on different platforms.

So when you are starting, choose for example two. But build your portfolio by planning all your steps. Browse for some other photographers’ portfolios to get inspired.

What style do u like?
You should identify with your new portfolio and not just randomly put photos to create it.

Think of the style, which photos suit together, or what mood do u want to achieve. Plan ahead. You can also put aside some photos and post them later.

Creating a portfolio doesn’t mean posting all of your photos, but creating someplace, which will define you and impact the clients.

Reach Out to Brands

Speak to small local brands. After your portfolio is ready, it is time to offer your service to local businesses. It is great to start from your surroundings. Make an overview of the local brands you would like to address.

When you have a list, take some time to make research, what kind of photos each local brand has. Can you make it better? If yes, mark the brand with green, and you will contact them.

Now, when you have a list of brands, just write them. Or you can call, but I think for both sides, sending a direct message or email will be a better way.

They will have time to look at your fabulous portfolio. Your message should be short and eloquent. Trust me, if someone gets a long message, doesn’t want to read it. You don’t want to bore anyone, but you want to address people in your portfolio, which should convince them to cooperate with you.

However, don’t get upset when somebody doesn’t reply. Many people are busy or just don’t want to bother with any other cooperations. But keep trying. When your work is good, you will definitely find some clients.

From the beginning, I suggest not to go very high with the price. In fact, it is possible that you will have to make some projects for free. But it is all right, because remember, that you are still in the phase of getting known.

Call to action

When you have already a big portfolio and some cooperation’s done, you can congratulate yourself.
You are on a good way. Your experiences are growing and this is the most valuable thing.

Becoming a good photographer is not just about taking good photos. It is also about communication, timing, and of course marketing. Now you will have to stay active on social platforms.

Make also some challenging projects for yourself to stay creative and look for clients. Well, that could be a great start for your professional carrier as a product photographer.


Follow the above tips to be a professional product photographer. A full-time photographer is a very nice profession.

Start Earning money with your hobby of becoming a photographer. Each journey is different because it depends on our surroundings, possibilities, and luck. But remember, no risk, no story.

Let me know down in the comments, how did you start. Or if you are already started, what was the most struggling part?

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  1. Great advice. I have no desire to become professional or to make any income from my hobby but if I did, these steps you describe would be very useful ????

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