6 Photography Tips you should know! portrait photography

Here are 6 photography tips that will help you take Eye-catching photographs and would make you an awesome photographer.

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Top 6 Portrait Photography Tips


The first tip is to work with the composition. If you will work with the composition you will take awesome photos.

To take engaging photos you need to work towards your compulsion. Put your efforts in your work and your photography skills will be announced a lot.

Settings Matters

The second photography tip is to learn what setting matters. yes, you should learn the settings that matter because there are a lot of settings in the camera that all photographers didn’t need to learn.

So there are only three main settings that are iso aperture and shutter speed.

Exposure, Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO can be the difference between a crisp, eye-catching photo and a blurry, dimly-lit failure.

Try Different Camera Modes

Experiment with all the available modes in your camera guys and click as many images as you can.

I personally prefer the Auto Mode because it gives me maximum control over my settings. But it may not work for you, something else may work for you, figure it out. It is your camera, have fun with it.

Don’t Over Expose

The fourth photography tip is don’t over-expose your highlights while choosing your camera settings don’t avoid over-exposing highlights of an image the reason because it is impossible to recover any details from the white parts of an image.

Weak Points

The fifth tip is to fix your weak points work on your weak points and fix it this is the best way to improve your photography.

Use Tripod

The sixth photography tip is to use a tripod most of the time use tripod because it gives you a stabilized and sharp image because the camera will not move then the image will be more clear and it will be sharper so for getting more sharp images please use a tripod.


So the above listed are a few photography tips that can help you take Eye-catching Images.

It is your camera, have fun with it, try different settings on it, and if you like this blog and found it to be useful give me a big thumbs up Leave a comment down below.

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  1. I’m here because my older sister wants me to take pictures of her. And she says I suck at it so I have to look at tutorials.

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